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Parasite Eve 2 [PSX] - cheats Parasite Eve 2 [PSX]. In-game reset: Press Start + Select + R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 during game play. Bounty mode: Successfully complete the game with any ending to unlock bounty mode.Hint: Save attachment slots in your armor: Use the following trick to save slots in your armor before any battle. Boss Battle Help - Guide for Parasite Eve 2 on... -… This FAQ is about the Boss Battles throughout Parasite Eve 2 and strategies you can use to defeat the bosses. The words between the * is a more specific location onBe sure to refill any of your armor slots with medicines. Then swipe Bowman/Yoshida's card through the reader to engage the bridge. Parasite Eve Had More In Common With Final Fantasy Than…

Parasite Eve Review Parasite Eve was born from the JRPG rush that flooded onto the original Playstation in the West after the success of Final Fantasy VII . During this time we see many new franchises that never left Japan coming over to the West as well as several franchises from the days of the 16-bit era coming over as enhanced ports on the PS1.

Parasite Eve II - Wikipedia Parasite Eve II (パラサイト・イヴ2, Parasaito Ibu Tsū) is an action role-playing survival horror video game released for the PlayStation.The game was developed by Square and published in Japan in 1999 and in both North America and, unlike the previous game, in PAL regions in 2000. It is the sequel to Parasite Eve and the second game in the series of the same name. RPGFan Reviews - Parasite Eve Parasite Eve is the new cinematic RPG from Squaresoft and the first game published by the newly formed Square/EA. The game is a combination of Panzer Dragoon Saga style battles and Resident Evil style exploration. Combined with a surreal story based on a Japanese novel of the same name, Parasite Eve is a unique and entertaining experience.

Sep 30, 2002 · Neoseeker Forums » Playstation Games » RPG » Parasite Eve II » Weapon and armor of choice. Weapon and armor of choice just don't care which is the best i just like armor with lots of slots ...

Rocket Launchers - Rocket launchers are the slowest weapons in the game, but they also have the most power and range. Since rockets are scarce, save these for bosses if you're going to use them at all. Parasite Eve 2 - Longplay - YouTube Armor, which not only reduces damage but also affects the amount Aya can carry, has the option of adding extra item slots up to a limit of ten. The Parasite Energies are divided into four areas ... Parasite Eve Gameshark - Video Game Cheats for Parasite Eve and Gameshark

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Parasite Eve - Armor | Slots Shrine Navigation •Shrine Home •Added Effects •Armor •Bosses •Characters •Enemies •EX Game •Experience Chart •Items •Junk • Parasite Energy •Walkthrough •Weapons.Bio Armor. Name. Defense. Energy. Critical. Slots. Effects. Found. Parasite Eve - Walkthrough/FAQ Parasite Eve - Walkthrough/FAQ. This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen KhanhYou can increase the number of slots by getting your equipment modified at the NYPD WeaponsMost of the Parasite Energy spells are used to support and heal. But you have Energy Shot and Liberate as your... [ Primal Eyes ] Parasite Eve Fansite