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There Are many diverse techniques to vassalize a state. Nations could be induce vassalized at a Peace Treaty or could consent to vassalization using a diplomatic deal. They’re also able to receive freedom in the bigger country, just as an ordinary state or being a client condition.

Europa Universalis IV Patch 1.8 accompanies Art of War release | PC ... Oct 30, 2014 ... Added Client States mechanics, where you can now create new custom vassals, .... Colonial Nations no longer get diplomatic relations penalty with parent ... When selecting a rival for a slot that has none, the tooltip when looking at .... in mod file must match current version of EU4 or the mod will be disabled. Technology | Extended Timeline Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia It is used for a large sprawling group of states that are united and ruled by a single .... Unlocks the Tenth Idea Slot; Enables Town hall; Enables Government Forms: .... This technologies require diplomatic power to get unlocked. ..... Colonial Range: +150; Global Settler Increase: +25; Enables Creation of Client States. Europa Universalis IV DLC Guide | Strategy Gamer As EU4's cheapest gameplay DLC (even cheaper on sale), it's hard to say no to ... including the ability to found client states, and becomes the “final boss” of the campaign. ... The number of building slots in a province is now based on development. ... This is definitely the 'diplomacy expansion', and the utility it adds in that ... On Civ VI's Cree Nation and representation | Rock Paper Shotgun

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- add a decision that adds 300 diplomatic slots, so you can have as many vassals/marches/client states as you want without have diplomatics relations penalties. Basically this mod improve the client states, making them more likely to use. You can create colonial nation or client states both in the new world.

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Steam Workshop: Europa Universalis IV. This is for people who just want to have fun with the client states. [Discontinued] Client States Unlocked for Extended Timeline [1.25] ... In line 376 replace "takes_diplo_slot = no" with "takes_diplo_slot = yes" for client vassals, do the same in line 413 for client marches and don't forget to save. How do I create client state pacifically? - Stack Exchange